Etno product lineAncestral heritage and source of power!

Latvian folk sign ornaments are a priceless heritage and power source, passed on over countless generations. The sign arrangements are not only an aesthetic décor, they also encode energies that can balance and affect our lives. Our ancestors, who lived in harmony with nature, knew the power of each sign and wisely used them to protect them, their kin and homes. Protective signs were placed at dwellings and utility buildings, in yards and gardens – engraved in stone, carved in wood, woven in belts and scarves, knitted into socks, embroidered or simply drawn.

Celtic traditional heritage is beautiful and mystical; Celtic signs are often associated with magic effects. The ornaments feature weaves and bends where lines have no beginning or end, thus crossing boundaries between the spiritual and the physical world and symbolizing the endless cycle of life. These ornaments were used by warriors to give power to weapons and bodies in order to achieve victories, and featured in homes, on work tools and clothing to protect from dark forces. The Celtic knots are very popular ornaments, adapted in our days by various cultures.

 The Etno line is our wish to continue and preserve this heritage by organically including it in modern products.